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Ordering and Paying Online could not be easier (if you wish to pay by cash or cheque you need to visit our 'ORDERING BY CASH OR CHEQUE' page).

The whole process has been designed to be very user friendly and self explanatory. If you do need any assistance whilst placing the order please refer to the following step by step guide.

1. Select the box you would like to order by entering the number of boxes you would like if more than one, and clicking the 'Buy Me' button.
2. An order summary page will appear. If you wish to purchase another box or some potatoes simply click on the 'Continue Shopping' link at the top of that page. The basket will remember what's already in there.
3. Select what you would like as described in point 1.
4. Once you are happy with your order click on the 'Go To Payments' button at the bottom of the Order Summary page.
5. Enter your delivery details and then click on the 'Continue' button at the bottom of the page.
6. Check your details are correct and then click on the 'Continue' button at the bottom of the page.
7. Enter your credit/debit card details using our secure online payment facility provided by PayPal.

Your order is now complete! You will be sent an e-mail confirming what you have ordered which we recommend you keep for your records.

Review your shopping basket

Select Vegetables - £6.80
Pointed Cabbage 1 each
Unwashed Carrots 0.35kg
Round Courgettes 0.35
Leeks 0.4
Little Gem Lettuce 1 ea
Yellow Onions 0.35
Sweetcorn 1 ea

Essential Vegetables - £8.90
Unwashed Carrots 0.35
Leeks 0.4
Fennel 0.3
Green Pepper 1 ea

Sweetcorn 2
Cos Lettuce 1 ea
Red Cabbage 1 ea
Yellow Onion 0.5

Family Vegetables - £12.40
Unwashed Carrots 0.5
Fennel 0.3
Leeks 0.4
Red Oak Leaf (lettuce) 1
Portobello Mushrooms 0.2
Yellow Onions 0.5
Sweetcorn 3 ea
Savoy Cabbage 1 ea
Cuore di Bue (tomatoes) 0.4

Bumper Vegetables - £18.45
Unwashed Carrots 0.7
Yellow Courgette 0.5
Fennel 0.3
Leeks 0.4
Green or Red Batavian Lettuce 1 ea
Portobello Mushrooms 0.2
Yellow Onions 0.5
Green Pepper 1 ea
Sweetcorn 4
Vine Tomatoes 0.4
Cauliflower 1 ea

Select Fruit - £3.60
Apples (Cox / Red Pippin) 0.5kg
Oranges (small Navels) 0.2kg
Conference Pears 0.2kg

Essentials Fruit - £6.10
Apples (Cox / Red Pippin) 0.7kg
Apples (Cooker / Bramley) 0.5kg

Oranges (small Navels) 0.3kg
Conference Pears 0.35kg

Family Fruit - £12.25
Apples (Cox / Red Pippin) 1kg
Apples (Cooker / Bramley) 0.7kg
Avocado (Hasse)
Black grapes 0.35kg
Oranges (small Navels) 0.5kg
Conference Pears 0.5kg

Potatoes 'White' - £1.20 per kilo (1kg = 2.2lb)
enter kilo(s)

Potatoes 'Red' - £1.30 per kilo (1kg = 2.2lb) Currently unavailable!
enter kilo(s)

Potatoes 'Bakers' - £1.80 per kilo (1kg = 2.2lb)
enter kilo(s)

Free Range Eggs - £1.50 per 1/2 dozen
in 1/2 dozens

If you are feeling adventurous you can design your box completely. This is how our restaurant and pub clients order. Because we originally intended this service to be for commercial customers the minimum order weight for most individual items is 1kg. If you are happy ordering in such quantities and can place an order every week over £20, please feel free to order a seasonal bespoke box. To do this please visit our 'RESTAURANT SUPPLIES' webpage.

Please note, unfortunately, we cannot re-use produce in boxes that are cancelled after our order deadline. Therefore if we receive cancellations within 48 hours of your delivery day there is an order cancellation charge of 75% of the order value. If the order is already out for delivery then full payment of the order is required.



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