How to Pay

How Much To Pay?
The amount to pay is calculated when ordering from our secure online store (see 'This Weeks Boxes' from the menu bar.

Methods Of Payment
There are four ways in which you can pay for your order. Simply choose the most convenient for you.
Standing Order.

Most of our customers choose the convenience of a Standing Order to pay for our produce. As well as customers enjoying our fantastic offers if you pay us by a regular Standing Order payment, it is also the easiest for both you and THE SEASONAL FOOD COMPANY. A Standing Order is the most secure and hassle fee method of paying us. There is a record of every transaction that helps save any confusion and reduces the risk of any potential payment disputes. It significantly reduces time and hassle compared to paying us when we deliver.
This is the favoured method of payment especially when our customers are out when we deliver.


THE SEASONAL FOOD COMPANY is happy to accept cheques from any of our customers. Simply make your cheque payable to THE SEASONAL FOOD COMPANY and we will collect it when we make your delivery. If you are not in, please leave the cheque in either the returned box, or an agreed place.

THE SEASONAL FOOD COMPANY are happy to accept cash payments from any of our customers. We can simply accept payment when make our delivery. We obviously do not recommend that cash is left in the returning box.

On Line

THE SEASONAL FOOD COMPANY has a secure on line payment facility provided by Pay Pal. They use world class security methods, utilising leading fraud prevention systems. You don't need a PayPal account these days and our system accepts all credit cards and UK debit cards. During the card processing, where it asks how you would like to pay, simply click the button 'I don't have a PayPal account' button and have your credit/debit card ready.



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