How it works

THE SEASONAL FOOD COMPANY's primary objective is to deliver the most flavoursome, delectable fruit and vegetables, free of charge to your door or place of work, with the best customer service possible.

Customer Service
We started obtaining the fruit and vegetables from members of our family and then delivering them to our friends. We still operate like this. We treat our suppliers as family and all our customers as we would our friends.

The Produce
Our produce has so much flavour because it is all certified as 100% organic and grown in the appropriate season. The Soil Association has certified all the produce we deliver as organic. Organic food is the tasty and healthy alternative to Genetically Modified (GM), preservative and pesticide treated produce and food. THE SEASONAL FOOD COMPANY produce is grown WITHOUT adding or using anything that poses an unnecessary health risk to the food we eat.

Simply choose which standard box or boxes you would like delivered from our 'THIS WEEK'S BOXES' webpage. Once you decide which boxes you would like to order from THE SEASONAL FOOD COMPANY, simple click on our 'ORDERING' webpage and decide whether you would prefer to call us, or place your order on line.
You do not need to contact us every week! Most of our customers enjoy the same size box every week and we deliver that accordingly. The only time they contact us is if they would like to increase an order to take into account a dinner party, or if they would like to suspend deliveries whilst on holiday.
All we ask is that you give us 48 hours notice before your delivery day if you would like to amend an order.

Order Frequency
You can order as frequently or infrequently as you like. Most of our customers order weekly or at least fortnightly. However, we are happy to supply you with a one off delivery if you just want to test our produce - we are very confident that once you try our produce and remember how food used to taste you will quickly be placing regular orders with us!

Minimum Orders
The minimum order for free delivery of our standard boxes is just £10. We can accept orders below £10, but will charge £1 for delivery.
If you would like to create your own individual box the minimum order is £20.

Delivery Day
We will let you know which day we will deliver in your area and ask you where you would like us to leave the delivery if you are not in. We endeavour to deliver at approximately the same time every week. However, we obviously cannot guarantee a time due to varying traffic and weather conditions. Please check our 'DELIVERY RADIUS' webpage or call us if you would like to confirm you fall within our delivery range.

Deliveries are invariably made in boxes that the fruit and vegetables are delivered in from the farms. We encourage environmentally friendly practices which not only help the environment, but also keep costs to a minimum - benefitting you, our customer. We therefore ask if you could exchange the previous week's box when we deliver this week's order.

You can either pay by standing order, securely online, cheque or cash - whichever is the most convenient for you. We like to take payment on the day the delivery is made (i.e. the standing order can be arranged for that day or payment can be made to the driver). If you are regularly not going to be in when we call we prefer to receive payment by standing order. However, if you would prefer to pay by cheque we are happy for you to leave us a cheque with your returning empty box. We obviously discourage cash being left with the empty box.

The Most Important Part
You experience fruit and vegetables that taste like you used to remember!

Contact Us
If you would like to discuss any of the above points or have any further questions for THE SEASONAL FOOD COMPANY please do not hesitate to contact us - details are on our 'CONTACT US' webpage.



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