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THE SEASONAL FOOD COMPANY was created by Colin and Sharon Moore. During dinner at their relatives they both remarked on how the vegetables tasted so flavoursome - just how they remembered when they were younger! Immediately they asked which supermarket actually started selling tasty fruit and vegetable because they wanted to buy some. After much teasing (and gloating!) from their hosts they revealed that the vegetables were all home grown.

They explained that without using chemicals, additives and pesticides to make them grow quicker and keep longer for miles of transit, their produce kept all the original taste.

Having taken as much produce from their relatives' greenhouse as possible, their supply soon ran out and they had to go back to buying from the supermarkets. The bland flavourless fruit and vegetables annoyed them to such an extent they started to source seasonal organically grown produce from local farms.

As well as enjoying the considerably better food themselves, their friends were quick to comment how good the food tasted. Such was the difference from the regular supermarket produce that as well as buying seasonal organic fruit and vegetables for themselves, their friends asked if they could purchase extra for them!

Demand from their friends soon outstripped the capacity of the boot of Colin's car! It was then Colin and Sharon decided to create THE SEASONAL FOOD COMPANY. As soon as their friends tasted how much better organic food grown in the correct season tasted, they wanted more. As well as enjoying better tasting food their friends were also pleased to learn the considerable environmental and health benefits that are generated from eating organic food.



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